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What is Immediate Zenx?

The Channel to Investment Knowledge

Immediate Zenx brings people desiring to learn about investments to meet investment education firms that can grant that desire. Immediate Zenx accomplishes this task by getting these interested learners to sign up on its website. Following registration, the website hands over the user to an investment education firm for further details and the setting up of the learning process.

On Immediate Zenx, signing up for investment education is easy and requires no prior knowledge, experience, or technical skills. People also particular about building existing investment knowledge and experience are also welcome to register and get matched with investment education firms.

The Immediate Zenx website is easily navigable, making registration super direct and simple. Prospective users should fill out the form with their first names, last names, emails, and phone numbers to register. After registering, a representative from the investment education firm a user is connected to will contact them via phone with more information.


Get Investment Education through Immediate Zenx Connection


Build Intellectual Capacity

Education widens mental horizons, influencing the ability to make informed decisions. Registering on Immediate Zenx to begin an investment learning journey helps to access basic and advanced informational and educational resources useful for creating and implementing strategies, analytical thinking, active listening, and problem-solving.

Register on Immediate Zenx

To connect with investment education firms that can offer knowledge and assistance through the investment learning process, register on Immediate Zenx.

Registration is free and fast. The registration and matching process only requires users to submit their names, email addresses, and mobile numbers.

Diverse Languages

The investment education firms that Immediate Zenx connect people to offer investment teaching in several languages. This way, there is no language barrier, and no one is left out of the education process.

Acquire Knowledge

Learn about the investment industry from investment educators using Immediate Zenx. Learn the what, why, when, who, where, and how (5Ws & H) of investments.
Move from novice to seasoned through investment education and start to understand investment-related topics, contribute to discussions, and make informed decisions.

Updated Teaching Syllabus

Immediate Zenx gives learners access to a regularly updated teaching syllabus as offered by an investment education firm. The syllabus contains the latest investment tools, strategies, and market conditions.

Virtual Study

Whether a factory worker, nursing mother, or business owner, registrants can start learning in the comfort of their homes, offices, or business spaces through internet access once Immediate Zenx matches them with investment educators.

Why Investment Learning is Crucial

Investment education exposes people to several aspects of investments, helping them decide which asset to invest in, strategies, tools, and performance metrics and ratios to use. In other words, it moves people from the possession of little to no knowledge about investments to getting a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience.

With the help of Immediate Zenx, people connected to investment educators may build financial discipline and discover the different investment risks and management techniques. Investment education may also help people learn the investment industry ethics and standards and stick to them.

What is an Investment?

Investment is an asset bought to capitalize on conditions that can affect its value. These assets may be liquidated or sold during choice market conditions. By signing up with Immediate Zenx and enrolling with an investment education firm, learners will understand assets to invest in, how, and when. Yet, learners must remember that investments have risks and offer no guarantees of returns.

Types of Investments

Investment types are numerous and can be chosen based on several factors. These factors include age, market conditions, and risk tolerance. Some investment types are real estate, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, annuities, municipal funds, stocks, hedge funds, options, and derivatives. Each investment differs from another and responds to market fluctuations distinctly.

More About Investments

Investment Risks

Privacy coins offer protection where financial data is increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats and surveillance. With Immediate Zenx, traders can learn about private coins and trade on their value.

Risks and investments are inseparable. Due to this, people who are curious about investments must pay special attention to risks and risk management practices. After the learner-educator connection on Immediate Zenx, learners will discover investment risks, which include event, liquidity, country interest rate, credit, inflation, longevity, correlation, currency, management, horizon, and political risk.

Market liquidity represents how easily an asset can be sold (converted to cash) on the market without significantly affecting its current value.

Market fluctuation is the instability of asset prices in the market. The rate of demand and supply often causes it.

Market value means the amount an asset is worth or will be sold.

Market liquidity can be measured using the cash, current, and quick ratios. Market volatility/fluctuation types are historical and implied. The volatility index (VIX) and beta can be used to measure volatility. Market value can be calculated using the capitalized earnings method, precedent transactions, and discounted cash flow.

Measuring Market Liquidity

To measure market liquidity, the cash ratio is used by dividing cash and cash equivalents by current liabilities, and the current ratio is used by dividing current assets by current liabilities. In contrast, the quick ratio is used by dividing the sum of cash/cash equivalents, short-term equivalents, and accounts receivable by current liabilities. When Immediate Zenx connects people to investment education firms, they will learn how to calculate this better alongside other essential measurements.

Investment Education Companies

Investment education companies provide tutoring in investing to those willing to learn about investments - the meaning, types, risks, strategies, benchmarking processes, and risk mitigation techniques.

Through the education process, investment education companies help learners understand the use of investment tools and educate them to navigate the investment world with little to no support. Once Immediate Zenx connects people to these firms, they may gain financial literacy, build risk tolerance, develop financial discipline, and make educated financial decisions. On the other hand, learners will discover how to measure investment performance and learn how to adjust their portfolios for better results.

Investment educators provide learning materials in different forms - books, journals, videos, and audio - and share them with their students for class and personal study. Moreover, they may provide training to help learners develop skills that can equip them to pursue preferred careers in the investment industry.

Stocks, Bonds, and Cash

Stocks, bonds, and cash or cash equivalents are three broad categories of investments. Stocks, also equity security, are a share of a company. The different types are international, large, mid, and small stocks. Bonds are money raised by borrowers (from investors). People can invest in bonds through bond exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, online brokers, and the secondary market.

Cash and cash equivalents are easily convertible to cash. Cash and cash equivalents include commercial paper, money market accounts, treasury bills, money orders, currency, and coins. Cash and cash equivalents often mature in three months but carry inflation risks.


Investing Strategies

Strategies for investing include active investing, index funds buying, quality investing, etc. Active investing involves constantly investing to capitalize on market price changes. Quality investing is based on investing in companies perceived to be financially strong and stable. Index funds buying involves finding an attractive stock index and buying from it.

People registering on Immediate Zenx and enrolling for investment education will be intimated more with these investment strategies and others. Investment strategies depend on people’s goals, lifestyle, risk tolerance, expectations of gains, capital, and age. Meanwhile, their strategies may change as people grow, invest, and study their investment performances.

Career Opportunities in Investment

The investment industry is filled with diverse, explorable career opportunities for learners. People connected with investment education firms on Immediate Zenx will learn about investments and may be trained for employability in the industry (if they wish).

Some of the positions in the industry are financial planners, asset management, financial analysis, investment bankers, risk analysts, equity analysts, and portfolio analysts.

Once learners are introduced to these roles, they will be trained based on the career direction they desire to go. Intending investment bankers will be trained accordingly, as will asset managers, etc.


Measuring Investment Performance

Measuring investment performance is crucial to the health of an investment. Through measurement, investors will identify what works for them, what needs change, and the decisions to make. Some ratios and metrics for measuring portfolio performance include Jensen's Alpha, Sortino Ratio, and Sharpe Ratio. Return on Investment (ROI) can also be employed to measure the probability of an investment to make returns.

Common Investment Terms

Real Estate

Real estate deals with investing in landed properties. Lands or buildings may be bought, sold, leased, or rented. There are also derivatives backed by real estate.

Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is the extent to which an investor decides to bear the risks associated with a chosen investment. Risk tolerance is influenced by age, portfolio size, and investment goals.

Guaranteed Fund

Guaranteed fund is an investment option from life insurance companies.


Being FDIC-insured means an account meets the standard of accounts protected by the Federal Depository Insurance Corporation (FDIC).


Also maturity date, maturity is when all transactions related to an investment end. This could be bonds, derivatives, or deposit maturity.


Alpha measures an investment by comparing its excess return with its benchmark index. An investment has outperformed its benchmark by 1% when the Alpha is 1.0. Also, if an investment Alpha is -1.0, it has underperformed by 1%..

Immediate Zenx: Promoting Investment Education

Investment education is crucial and cannot be substituted. By getting an investment education, especially by using Immediate Zenx, people gain the basic and advanced knowledge of investments, make informed decisions, and develop an objective approach. 

To get this education, interested people should register with Immediate Zenx. Registration on Immediate Zenx is simple, and connection to investment education firms is instant.


Immediate Zenx - FAQs

How Long Does the Training Take on Immediate Zenx?

Immediate Zenx does not train people. The website only connects users with investment education firms that do so.

What Is the Sign-up Process on Immediate Zenx?

Signing up on Immediate Zenx only requires clicking the registration button and filling in personal details - names, emails, and phone numbers. A representative from an investment education firm will call the registrant to onboard them.

Does Immediate Zenx Charge for Its Services?

Not at all. Payment is not required before being connected to investment education companies. All that is required is to register on Immediate Zenx.

Is Immediate Zenx an Investment Educator?

No, it isn't! Immediate Zenx is just a matchmaker, which means it'll only connect those who want to learn about investments with firms that offer instructional services in this area.

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Registration is quick and uncomplicated

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Lessons on Cryptocurrencies, Forex Trading, and Investments

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